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We don’t hear much in the way of  news these days, but as we pointed out earlier this month, there is definitely still progress going on behind the scenes. Last night,  made a vague post about making progress with . On what they had made progress on was not initially clear, but we hoped that it was something to do with the upcoming jailbreak.


But then early this morning, Pod2g replied to the tweet confirming that it was, in fact, the jailbreak that they had made progress on. Apparently the duo discovered 2 new vulnerabilities that will assist in creating the final jailbreak. Pod2g goes on to say that they are still missing a crucial piece in order to release a public jailbreak, but hey, at least we know they are making more progress! With any luck, we may even see a jailbreak in the coming months!


This , is the highly anticipated Super Bowl between the 49ers and Ravens, but for those of you iOS device users, you might be happy to hear that the release of the  for iOS , the new iOS firmware released earlier today, may also be released on Sunday as well. In the past, the developers have had a tradition of releasing jailbreaks on Sunday and it appears as though the new may follow the same day of release. In a recent tweet,  asks what people have planned for Sunday with a mention of the evad3rs dev team.